CityConnect iO: Pre-Configured Integrations for your Enterprise Apps

Connect your systems, map your data to our Common Message Model, and Automate your work.





Connect your Systems. Automate your Work.


Connect your business applications portfolio - ERP, CRM, GIS, work and asset management, permit-license-land systems, and more - with configurable connection templates. Enable legacy systems without APIs or message queues.

Common Message Model

Our system-independent message model quickly maps your data to a common specification. This is the true power of CityConnect iO as it frees version-locked applications, defers capital investments in new tech, orlets your shiny new system play nicely with others.

Automations + WireTap

Automations underpin your Digital Transformation initiative by removing manual steps in your processes. WireTap enables your dashboards to visualize your messages in-flight

We understand how constrained you feel when your data is not flowing easily, and your business is stuck.

  • 10s    Decades of GIS & integration experience for each staff member
  • 12s    Dozens of clients have had their data liberated
  • 100s   Hundreds of manual workflow steps removed with no-code automation
  • 1000s Thousands of hours spent empowering clients to manage & adapt

How We Work

Connect your Systems

Connect to the API, web service, or database with our Connectors for your enterprise apps. Authenticated connections are encrypted. Make your legacy systems (and data) cutting edge.

Map your Data

Leverage our Common Message Model - a simplified system-independent data model for messaging - to map your data fields, transform data types, combine fields, and enrich your content.

Automate your Work

Adopt our pre-configured Automations to synchronize messages across multiple systems and digitize your workflows; inventory requisition and receipt, citizen service request and status updates, work order cost reconciliations, and more!

CityConnect iO Subscriptions


You have options! Deploy CityConnect iO in the cloud or in your own environment. We take care of the initial configuration, ensure system uptime, apply upgrades, and provide break-fix support for your integrations. CityConnect iO is powered by the FME Platform.


Want an always-on integration service that you don't have to worry about? We take care of everything. We'll host and service your integration workflows.


We host and support your integration workflows on a dedicated instance. Plus, build your own integrations. Supports OnDemand non-production environments.


Bring-your-own-Machine - deployed and supported on your on-premise or cloud infrastructure. Supports Dynamic CPU credits for non-production environments.


People end up moving data by hand between systems, which can't be done with spatial and design data. With CityConnect iO, you can break organizational silos and unleash the creativity of your staff.

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 We believe that users DESERVE to have the data they need at their fingertips. We understand that you feel CONSTRAINED by your systems, which is why we have removed hundreds of manual workflow steps with no-code automation.

Here’s how we do it: 1) Design your Solution; 2) Integrate your Systems; and, 3) Empower your Staff. So book a FREE CONSULT. And in the meantime, download our fact sheet “Is Integration a Four-Letter Word?”. So you can stop hiring expensive programmers to “fix” things and instead watch your creativity and innovation grow.

Is Integration a 4 Letter Word?

Download our Fact Sheet

Think back to the last major system update you implemented.

What benefits were advertised to overcome organizational inertia, and make your team want the change? Were any of them related to interfacing to other critical systems in your department – or in another department?

If you deemed your last update a disappointment, or even a failure, you’re not alone. 3rd party integrations are one of the biggest causes of failure for system implementations. But why? And why does this keep happening? Read more here to find out -- and see how you can fix it!

Local governments struggle with sharing their data internally and automating work across systems, and new directives on citizen responsiveness add increased expectations. But implementing new systems is a struggle and integration always
seems to be a challenge: how can you make it easy and effective?

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