Track. Identify.

PeopleFlow for Industry helps you track your company assets through built space and analyze usage or performance

Understanding the movement of your equipment and people within your building is critical to creating operational efficiency. But until now, the technology to accurately track and understand movement indoors has been difficult to obtain.

PeopleFlow for Industry is here to change the game.

PeopleFlow for Industry works with sensors and RFID tags to track your operational processes from end-to-end and maximize your workflows.

How It Works

PeopleFlow for Industry uses RFID, Bluetooth sensors, WiFi and Ultra Wide Band (UWB) beacon technology to track the movement of assets in real time. Multiple sensors receive a “ping” from a tagged asset. The signal strength relates distance and algorithms minimize errors, so AssetFlow can pinpoint the location of specific assets within a physical space.The platform’s real-time location system and analytics allows you to track the following statistics:

  • Flow rate for process or queue
  • Space usage by time
  • Route vs. resource
  • Cross-time or cross-venue

Tailored Solutions

PeopleFlow for Industry helps optimize your workflow to improve productivity and
provides visibility into the location of assets. The solution can scale
from a small single facility to a massive complex with multiple

Warehouse and Distribution

● Track pallets and containers
● Geo-fenced alerts
● Trace paths of lifts / shuttles
● Analyze use of equipment
● Identify new constraints

Manufacturing and Maintenance Facilities

● Track items and equipment
● Geo-fenced alerts
● Find and pick
● Analyze pick paths
● Identify pick and mobile equipment bottlenecks

Fleet Yards

● Track containers and vehicles
● Find containers / carrier resources
● Organize fleet for operations
● Monitor equipment movements to schedules