Expert FME Platform Integrators

We specialize in architecting and securing Safe
Software’s FME Server and FME Cloud.

As a Safe Software Authorized Partner and Solution Provider, we know the FME platform inside out.

FME has traditionally been used as an ETL (extract, transform, and load) tool for moving CAD, remotely sensed imagery, GIS, 3D design files, and other complex file and database formats – and is a powerful tool for complex relational, hierarchical, spatial, streaming, and Big Data formats to this day. With the release of FME as a Server platform 10 years ago, and Cloud platform 3 years ago, the platform has evolved to handle all major web protocols. Coupled with the array of geo-processing capabilities, FME is the first integration platform that embeds spatial data as a core capability of the platform.

Managed Integration Services

We build custom integration workflows to enrich messages in-flight with spatial information from CAD, GIS, satellite imagery, and IoT data streams. This enables business logic and rules that are inherently spatial.

We offer a complete solution set as a managed service: from the platform on-premise or in-cloud, to the custom integration workflows. Our managed services support evergreening both the integration workflows and platform as new releases come online.

How it Works

1 | Connect

We build out the set of connectors to your applications – database, web, sensor, or custom formats

2 | Logic

We encapsulate your business rules, enrich your data with location and spatial operators, and enable monitoring of operations

3 | Enable

We expose the business logic and connector framework as lightweight APIs that allow your development teams to build out new apps and mobile workflows.

FME​ ​in​ ​Action:​ ​Aviation​ ​Industry

Aircraft flight navigation data is exchanged using the aviation industry
standard, ARINC 424–a text-based format that encodes data into a
fixed-width field containing 132 characters.

Plugging into FME, we designed an ARINC 424 Reader that enables customers
in the aviation industry to interpret and incorporate this information directly
into an application, database, or web service.