CityConnect iO Enables the Integrations Underpinning Your Digital Transformation Initiative

Connect your systems, map your data to our Common Message Model, and Automate your work.





Stop Coding and Start Solving Problems

Break Organizational Silos

Put your citizens, businesses, and developers at the center of a workflow crossing organizational boundaries and SERVE them. Automate status updates for citizens for requests for service. Accept CAD drawing submissions for businesses and developers.

Simplify your Work

Enable staff to work in one primary business application. Bring data directly to users before they need it - in their preferred software tool. Save time and money by reducing the number of software tools staff use to get their jobs done.

Watch Creativity Grow

When your staff focuses less on the movement and organization of the data they need to work, they have more time. Time to unleash their human creativity and talents to solve problems and create new services to serve their communities.

We understand how constrained you feel in working with your current systems. Your data is not flowing easily, and your business is stuck.

  • 10s    Decades of GIS & integration experience for each staff member
  • 12s    Dozens of clients have had their data liberated
  • 100s   Hundreds of manual workflow steps removed with no-code automation
  • 1000s Thousands of hours spent empowering clients to manage & adapt

How We Work

Design your Solution

We collaborate with you to design a holistic solution that respects your current tech and staff skills

Connect your Systems

We configure CityConnect iO to Connect your systems, map your data to our Common Message Model and use Automations to incorporate your business rules and simplify your workflows.

Empower your Staff

Our Community, Cloud, and Enterprise subscriptions free your staff to creatively explore other challenges. We also empower staff to leverage our no-code integration framework to build exciting new applications and workflows.


People end up moving data by hand between systems, which frankly can't be done with spatial and design data. With CityConnect iO, we break down organizational silos and unleash the creativity of your staff.

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At Spatial DNA, we know that you want to be a SILO SMASHER. In order to do that you need a way to simplify your business. The problem is, you need to communicate complex information between systems without a human in the middle, which makes you feel constrained and stuck. We believe that users DESERVE to have the data they need at their fingertips. We understand that you feel constrained by your systems, which is why we have removed hundreds of manual workflow steps with no-code automation.

Here’s how we do it: 1) Design your Solution; 2) Integrate your Systems; and, 3) Empower your Staff. So book a FREE CONSULT. And in the meantime, download our eBook “Enterprise Integration Project Template”. So you can stop hiring expensive programmers to “fix” things and instead watch your creativity and innovation grow.

Get Insight from the Experts

2020 presented towns and cities worldwide with significant challenges.

Amidst adjusting to remote work and rolling out urgent public services, what we saw was that government systems that allowed data to move quickly from one team to another, and whose personnel could move quickly and creatively between tasks were able to respond at lightning speed.

Sound hard to implement in your own system? You most likely already have the data and team expertise you need. All you need is the design thinking to tie it together. In this 45 minute webinar, Todd Lewis, Founder and CEO of Spatial DNA, will show you what you need to build a system for the future.

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