Embed Spatial Thinking
in Your Enterprise Platform

Bring the power of GIS and GPS indoors. Integrate location into your systems and workflows.
Let our experts design your technical architecture and manage your spatial services.

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Embed Spatial Thinking in Your Enterprise Platform

Location-aware apps are helping us get to where we need to go, faster and more efficiently. They’re letting us know exactly how long we’ll wait until a bus, train or car picks us up. Or how long until that package will be dropped off at our door. Knowing exactly where things are – and what that means – is no longer just a competitive differentiator: It’s quickly become a non-negotiable. And yet, most businesses are collecting and sifting through data that’s effectively walled-off from the spatial data revolution.

Is your business information tapping into the value of spatial data?
Up to 80 percent of business information has a location element. Addresses and sales territories, floor plans and blueprints, supply chain and distribution networks, physical and virtual assets. Too many of today’s enterprise platforms and legacy data systems are missing this key dimension of data analysis. Spatial DNA helps you make smarter decisions by integrating spatial data and sensor networks (IoT) with the software platforms that run your business.

Spatial data is location intelligence. It’s about knowing where people or things are within a space—and how they relate to one another. We bring the spatial data expertise, software know-how and design thinking that brings your enterprise platform into the spatial world. Are your business decisions missing the spatial dimension?  

Build Your Location-Powered Enterprise

Expert Integration Services
Create the optimal infrastructure for your enterprise to access in-depth business intelligence and insights based on your company’s spatial data. Harness the power of location intelligence.

Location Powered Insights
Access sensor networks, traffic, and enterprise data from across your organization to make game-changing business decisions. Validate your strategies with concrete data based on real-time locating services and our analytics to better your business.

Strategic Consulting
Drive the effective decision making you need to support your overall transformation. Together we assess performance, identify capabilities, and create roadmaps focused on success.

We are Spatial DNA

Spatial DNA is the leader in spatial data integration. We help companies across North America tap into their spatial data to gain a significant advantage over their competitors.

Our repeatable solutions can help your team determine the right place to open a new location. We help planes land safely. We show you how to use mobile device location data to help you engage more effectively with your customers. We bring location-awareness to buildings and interior spaces.

Our approach helps create internal efficiencies across the enterprise by mapping your data, embedding location context into your workflows, and visualizing operations within your existing Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Manufacturing Resource Planning, and other enterprise software platforms. 80% of data is linked to location, and we’re the experts in putting it to use for you.