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Our clients are our top priority. Whether in the private or public sector, we work closely as trusted partners to develop elegant, innovative, proactive solutions that meet their strategic goals.

We have the expertise, tools, and a proven methodology to help you and your team make informed, timely business decisions based on reliable and accurate spatial data. We manage complexity, deliver simplicity, and empower your team’s administrators to maintain your new location intelligence infrastructure with ease.

We Can Help You

Manager, Applications

As a manager of business applications you typically manage 60-250 systems.  Let us help you break down these data silos and keep your users in their primary system context.  We bring the data to your users, so they don’t have to learn many applications to do their work. This reduces licensing and training costs, and our integration workflows are 10-15% of a typical large integration technology.

GIS Manager

You have data, and lots of it.  How do you ensure that quality address, infrastructure, network, and facility design data is integrated into your organizations’ decision-making?  We bring your spatial data to users - so they don’t have to learn geography - but are using current maps and visualizations. Our integration workflows and embedded maps are 30-50% of a typical software vendor services implementation.

Facilities Manager

You’ve got space – a lot of it.  And there is always fit-up or build-out work ongoing.  How do you ensure the public doesn’t get lost? How do you know the request for more space is motivated by need and not politics?  We help you to automate your indoor mapping data curation so that the public can use map apps for wayfinding – even during construction.  And we can outfit your offices with a sensor network that provides actual utilization information. Make decisions on data, not politics. And provide a better venue experience to staff and the public.

Plant or Warehouse Manager

Tools, people, equipment, inventory, and work-in-process.  All need to align to keep finished goods moving through your facilities.  Sometimes your constraints are not obvious – sometimes they are. We provide sensor and analytics solutions to track and locate things and people on the floor, visualize flow, and raise alerts.  Instant inventory, location-based MRP updates, log near-miss safety events, WIP or tool locates - we ensure your uptime and continuous flow.

Manager, Aeronautical Information

Air navigation data is complex, with many expert systems required to maintain pieces, and a production data flow requiring seamless communications between systems.  We leverage standard ARINC 424 and AIXM data feeds to move and visualize instrument, airspace, CNS, and other ANS infrastructure between systems. Simplify your AIM data transport to support charting, procedure design, drone operations, ATM, and NOTAM operations.

Industries We Serve


We provide aeronautical information management and data integration for air traffic management and flight operations; movement analysis and flight track visualization for airside airport operations; and concepts of operations for air traffic management capabilities supporting the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan.


Data curation for indoor maps and wayfinding provided through Apple Maps, Nokia HERE, and Esri; visualize and analyse people traffic; conference and lecture hall utilization; integrate facilities management with indoors data.

Commercial Real Estate

Data curation for indoor maps and wayfinding provided through Apple Maps, Nokia HERE, and Esri; schedule and analyse use of meeting rooms and shared workspaces; inform functional programming of space; understand interaction of teams; measure your employee use of food services, relaxation, and interaction zones.


Spatial integration into enterprise systems, open data programs, common operations displays, map portals supporting planning, data download, and web-service mash-ups transform operations and increase constituent benefits.

Manufacturer and Distribution

Labour, equipment, and staff tracking, instant inventory and inventory locates, flow analysis from receipt to finished goods, and location-based constraints identification to optimize operations and workflows.

Sports and Culture Venues

Data curation for indoor maps and wayfinding provided through Apple Maps, Nokia HERE, and Esri; visualize and analyse people traffic; understand the connection of the space to crowd experience; integrate facilities management with indoors data.

Transportation and Retail Hubs

Indoor mapping, positioning, and wayfinding for consumers; asset tracking of carts and other equipment; customer engagement in stores, malls, airports and other large facilities.

Customer Stories

Richmond Hill

A new CRM system that integrates Salesforce, Maximo and Esri map service is helping the municipality’s contact center to work smarter and more effectively in handling citizen requests.

Bloor West Village BIA

Using PeopleFlow, Spatial NDA helped this BIA to understand traffic patterns to make better operating decisions.