Map A Clear Direction
for your Business

Intelligent Places

Embed Spatial Thinking for Indoors: Indoor Mapping, Positioning, and Analytics for Work, Play, Learning, and Shopping

Smart Systems

Embed Spatial Thinking in your Enterprise Platforms: Building the Location-Powered Enterprise with integration technologies to embed maps, connect systems, automate workflows, and clean data

Clever Thinking

Embed Spatial Thinking in your Organization: Strategic consulting services to investigate challenges, conceive operational approaches, design solutions, and operate ArcGIS and FME platforms

The Spatial DNA Engagement Lifecycle


Our complimentary Discovery Meeting allow us to Learn about your team’s business objectives and challenges, current and planned technical infrastructure, and staff capabilities. We Teach you what to look for in your integration processes, your indoor mapping data curation process and sensor network design, and a structured approach to strategy and solution design.


We jointly identify the project goals, milestones, and reference architecture.  We take a lean approach to project delivery and provide access to our dashboards for progress on activities or features, resource allocation, and budget.


We take a holistic design approach to all of our work, considering the perspectives of user experience, workflow, application and integration architectures, maintenance and resiliency.  We use configure-not-code tools to simplify system administration and management, and partner with your team to ensure client staff has the necessary mentoring and documentation.


We work with your team to organize and streamline your business processes, automate tasks, and simplify workflows. Access your data at any time while information flows without barriers or silos across your organization.


Our solutions allow you to map, chart, and visualize how people, assets and data interact within your business. We ensure that the solutions built for you are handed over with walkthroughs, documentation, and training. Our goal is to provide you the support to integrate the work we’ve done within your teams.


Harnessing the power of PeopleFlow, Esri, and FME solutions, our on-demand managed services team ensures your integrated infrastructure continues to deliver value to your organization and bottom line.

List of Services for:


  • Data Curation for ArcGIS Indoors, Apple Maps, and Nokia HERE
  • Sensor network design for network-based positioning systems
  • Analysis and visualization of facilities, building automation, people movement, and utilization data
  • Implementation of ArcGIS Indoors and Indoor Positioning solutions
  • Implementation of PeopleFlow solution with partner sensor network

Enterprise Integration:

  • Design and development of custom APIs
  • Design and development of embedded maps for enterprise systems and mobile apps
  • Implementation of Lightning Maps for Salesforce
  • Design and development of system integrations leveraging FME
  • Design and development of map-based workflows leveraging Latitude GeoCortex
  • Design and development of data integrations for CAD/GIS
  • Design and development of aeronautical data integrations (ARINC, AIXM)

Strategic Consulting:

  • GIS and Data strategies
  • Business analysis for documentation and design of business processes
  • Operating models and implementation roadmaps for spatial technologies
  • System design and solution architecture
  • Technology acquisition, including requirements and evaluation package
  • Managed services for Esri, FME, and PeopleFlow