Your Challenges Reimagined as No-Code Solutions to Discover New Insights

Our Software solutions evolve and adapt from a series of customer projects.
We develop no-code software solutions that simplify your work and offer new insights.

Our Software extends and simplifies partner technologies from Safe Software, Esri, and Salesforce.
We geo-enable data and sensor feeds that were previously impractical to visualize and analyse.



ThinkMaps for Salesforce was developed for Salesforce Administrators and Developers to incorporate map-based workflows into their Salesforce solutions.  ThinkMaps for Salesforce embeds an API-enabled map component directly into the Salesforce environment as a custom object. ThinkMaps for Salesforce ties Esri map services as content into the Salesforce experience, allowing users to incorporate address validation, map-based asset selection, and geocoded Salesforce data into their user interfaces and Process Builder workflows.  Multiple map content profiles can be configured by a Salesforce Administrator using the Admin Panel.

  • API-Enabled Map Control
  • Deploy into any Salesforce Object UI (Case, Account, Contact, Communities, etc.)
  • Admin panel to configure Esri map services
  • Display Salesforce objects (cases, accounts, etc.)
  • Configure display categories and map styles
  • Set selectable map layers 
  • Customize pop-up content



Monitor the movement of people in your space by tracking anonymized mobile or wearable devices. Understand how your office space is used and experienced by your staff - your focus and collaborative spaces, and social spaces.  Understand when and where teams interact so that your space can be optimized for the human experience and increase everyone's happiness and productivity.


Tag your equipment, workers, or inventory and track their movements. Perform “Instant Inventory” or inventory locates, identify new bottlenecks and production constraints, optimize routing for vehicles or pickers, and model flow from material delivery to finished goods release. Run time studies to determine how to optimize your production line and inventory positioning.


Deploy wearable beacons to your staff, workers, students, and visitors to capture interactions and provide social distance cues. Interactions are organized into a contact graph that can be filtered when a symptomatic individual is identified. View primary, secondary, tertiary contacts and directly notify them for next steps. Privacy shielded and personal record access is stored in audit log.


The Integration Pack for Cities is a set of Connectors, Workflows, and a Common Message Model that enable your business applications to quickly and easily integrate and exchange data.  Our software leverages the FME Integration Platform – a no-code message bus – to operate as configurable middleware for enterprise systems coordination.

Connectors enable you to link to your CRM, ERP, work and asset management, vehicle parts, metered data from AVL and SCADA, as well as permitting and land development.  The Common Message Model provides a system-independent data model optimized for message exchange.  And Workflows enable common business flows such as stock inventory replenishment, cost allocation of work activities, and citizen service request creation and status updates.

We prevent context-switching for users of business applications by bringing the data they need to do their jobs directly into their application of choice.  Connect anything, automate everything.

ARINC 424 Connector

ARINC 424 is the industry standard for exchange of flight navigation data. Our ARINC 424 Connector will enable you to interpret and incorporate this information directly into your application, your database, your map, or your web service. Plugging into FME, we can write out to over 450 data formats (including AIXM and FIXM), or stream to innumerable web services.

Read and visualize airspace, instrument procedures, navigation aids, airways and routes, and airport information.  Or, publish your aeronautical information for specific use cases in drone flight management, aircraft, air traffic control systems, and simulators.


Aviation Data Engine

Do you need to work with ARINC 424 or AIXM formatted data?  Having trouble moving information between the various versions and formats of ARINC 424 and AIXM?  Aviation Data Engine is a data integration automation platform, built on top of Safe Software’s FME Cloud.  We can enable automated data translation workflows to move data across your aeronautical information management platforms, including procedure and airspace design, drone flight compliance, or AIRAC cycle data management.

We’ve built and tested all of the mapping rules between ARINC 424 and AIXM 4.5 and 5.1.  We can deal with the data update workflows, ensure your unique identifiers are referenced in AIXM 5.1 updates, and help to output valid ARINC 424 data to provide to publishers and ATC or flight dispatch systems.