About Spatial DNA

Our Values


Everything we do at Spatial DNA revolves around processing data and how data can make our clients' businesses better. But that's also true of how we build our own products and services and how we create our own operations and interactions. We capitalize on the power of data to drive better business decisions and to innovate at all levels. We tackle tough challenges. We learn on-the-job to get it done, and done right. Spatial DNA employees are the brightest most creative experts and we do the hard things that others can't figure out.


Pride and ownership in our work is critical to our success. Personal accountability is a huge component of the way we work. And we never make excuses. We support a virtual team concept - where you work when and where you want. Accountability is critical in this context and we trust our colleagues to speak up early so that small issues don't become big unstoppable snowballs.


A strong team can accomplish anything. We encourage everyone to respectfully share ideas and opinions because we're confident that constructive conflict and ideation is needed to land on the best approach. We lean on our team when we don't know or aren't sure. We often work independently, but we are eager to share our learnings and discoveries to our colleagues and clients. We willingly take people under our wing so that they learn and grow. And, work is but one aspect of our lives – we encourage and celebrate a life outside of work.

Our Code Of Ethics

Dedicated to Our Clients’ Success

We thrive on solving our clients’ complex technology and data-related challenges.  We align with your team/s strategic goals to ensure your success, and provide elegant, innovative, proactive solutions to the most confounding dilemmas.  Our team, and our services and solutions, location-enable your company’s core infrastructures and buildings to improve user and customer experiences, and elicit and visualize actionable information from your data.  We strive to build meaningful relationships with our clients that creates long-lasting value.

Strong Code of Ethics and Standards

Spatial DNA believes firmly in dealing in good faith with all of our partners and clients, in preserving confidentiality, and operating within compliance of all applicable laws and regulations.  And we stick to our commitments – we will deliver to your expectations.  Every member of our team shares in the responsibility of promoting and ensuring a positive work environment and a commitment to transparent work practices.

Diverse Team of Professionals

Our people are Spatial DNA’s greatest asset and differentiator.  Our team of tech-savvy, experienced geospatial software developers, solutions architects, and analysts are experts working with a wide range of enterprise software platforms including customer relationship management, business intelligence, physical and virtual asset management, and CAD and GIS.

Our Partners

We work with leading global innovators to integrate technology, expand access to geospatial solutions, and solve problems together.

Safe Software

We work closely with the Safe development team to transform their industry-leading spatial ETL platform into the world’s first location-aware enterprise messaging and integration platform. Safe’s FME is the backbone of our Flow platform and our enterprise integration practice.


An international supplier of geographic information system (GIS) software and geodatabase management applications. Spatial DNA leverages Esri’s technology as embedded services for heavy location analytics applications, and for cloud-based
demographic and psychographic data fusion.


Salesforce.com provides cloud-based customer relationship management software for sales, marketing, service, and integrated organization-wide workflows. Spatial DNA is an official Salesforce.com partner and independent solution vendor. We build map-based components into the Salesforce Lightning experience for Esri-based clients.


Voyager is an all-in-one geospatial intelligent search platform design for mid-to- large enterprises. It discovers complex geospatial data wherever it resides. Voyager finds spatial data and related content such as Esri, Intergraph, and CAD data files, and over 1700 document, image, and file formats across the enterprise, and it layers how your infrastructure is used to support spatial data visually. Spatial DNA is an official Voyager partner and reseller.


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